Dynatron Presents:
how to make and use your own solder wick

What you will need for this tutorial...

this tutorial will show you how to make and use your own solder wick for the removal of solder from a soldered connection.

you will first start off with a short length (less than a foot) of thick, braided copper wire.

cut off any bullshit on the end of the wire.

make a slit, starting 2 inches from the end of the wire, all the way to the end.

pull the copper out the side of the slit, and cut off the excess insulation.

untangle the braids of copper, then fan the strands out like shown below..

pull a small amount of these strands out of the fan, and bend the rest of the fanned copper back. twist the seperated strands together (tight, but not too tight!)

next, get out your soldering flux. author's note: a reader (thx nicole) recently noted to me in email that you shouldn't use plumber's flux (product in picture), and i have to agree. use appropriate flux unless you're in a pinch.

dip the twisted strands in the liquid flux.

lay the strands down on the point to be de-soldered, and apply heat using a soldering iron (i set mine at 330 degrees celcius).

you should hear a sizzle as the solder starts to flow into your wick. if you don't get it all, cut off the portion of wick that has been saturated with solder, and repeat.

below is a close up of the results.

once the solder wick is all used up...

...just cut off the bullshit and go back to step 2.

I FUCKED UP! (what now?)

I am not responsible for any damage you do with these tutorials. read the instructions well, and do a little research before diving in. feel free to report errors, contribute ideas, and link to anthing on the website if not for profit.