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I have an outstanding customer satisfaction rate.

My rate for successful solution agreements with customers is somewhere around 19 out of 20.

If I can't fix it, I'll tell you who can or do my best to provide other alternate solutions.

    I have a wide assortment of computer skills spanning from desktop optimization and teaching PC skills, to things as advanced as layer 3 network configuration and enterprise servers. I tend to focus on the everyday user these days, mostly by doing home computers, XBOXes, and maintaining the array of servers in my personal and business networks. I have been mastering the art of the affordable fix for a long time now, and i'd like to share these skills with people like you. It may be picking your computer up in shambles before returning it at top performance, or it may be teaching you how to install your new 250GB HD. I'll even put 250GB HD in terms you can understand. There is a certain satisfaction in learning how to fix your own computer, and i'd be happy to share any expertise at my hourly rate.

    I am often involved in continuing education, studying computer sciences at local campuses for 6 years. i have a lifetime of computer experience, which combines well with my 5 years serving people like you and me with solutions to their own digital dilemmas. I'm looking forward to meeting some new people, and hopefully making their lives a bit less complicated.

I am a CompTIA+ certified professional as well, so you can be sure that i've been well screened to bring you the most dependable service available.

To learn more about the CompTIA organization, or to prove to the world (or yourself) that you know your computer skills, visit www.comptia.org.

You can't fix 'em all, and if it can't be done, i will do my best to provide more options. i will often know a specialist that may be able to help you.

If i can't help you, then there is no charge (excluding the on-site fee of $5).


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