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what will a modified XBOX do?

With a modified xbox you can do a number of things that a standard xbox can not do. You may also chose to have the cosmetic features customized such as case color/finish, multiple front LED colors, additional LED indicators, an on-board LCD screen, customized dongles, etc.

If you have any questions about the pricing of anything, feel free to send me an e-mail. just make sure you read the disclaimer.

 you can save your game titles on the xbox for convenience of not working with discs.

 you can play movies on the xbox without buying the DVD kit.

 you can browse the internet on your TV.

 your xbox will be able to read "burn" discs allowing you to make copies of your games to use instead of risking damage to  the originals.

 you can save backup copies of your computer files to it.

 you can add a keyboard or mouse to your xbox

 you can backup your saved game progress files to your computer, or share them with other xbox players.

 you can run windows or linux on it!

 you can play games from most other game systems on it without taking the time to switch cartridges or discs, and you can  save your game progress at any point.

 play CD's with sound sensitive artistic screen savers.

 save and play your mp3's and video files on it, as well as view your digital pictures.

 +for serious tech-heads and computer freaks, there are hundreds (literally) of tools and features. Most are standard on my models, or available at no extra cost. Just ask a lot of questions when you purchase one, and i'll add some things that i think you may enjoy or find useful.

    The important technical details to remember are that the main components of the xbox are the same, or similar to your average PC of a couple years ago. However, since there is no overpowering OS such as windows or linux to eat up all of that performance, you've got quite a bit to work with. .: PIII 733MHZ, 64MB of ram, 8->10GB HD stock (any size when modified), nvidia video processor, USB - the controller ports are just USB with a proprietary plug (easy to work around, or cheap to buy a cable for), DVD-rom drive, 10/100Mbps ethernet, TV/S video/Hi-Def/VGA video output, dolby audio processing, etc. . all this may not sound that great if you've got a P4 PC, but since the XBOX only runs one executable at a time, all of it's power is focused on what you are running. an xbox runs one *.XBE file instead of multiple *.EXE files. the code i use is extremely efficient in it's use of resources without limiting any potential of the device. personally, i'd like to see more than 64MB of ram, but these things use it amazingly well. there are also RAM/Processor upgrades available for the motherboard. 

    What you end up with are these massively feature-added programs, called dashboards, that run off of the internal HD when the unit is powered on so you don't have to use DVD or game discs (handy if you are one of the many people that get the common "dirty disc" error that often means your DVD drive is bad or failing). Dashboards are where most of interesting things are found, and all the good ones have a slick, customizable interfaces. built into most dashboards is an FTP server, samba (SMB) server, HTML server for remote access/administration, telnet server, a listed menu of your xbox titles saved on the HD, a menu for your other executables(*.XBE) (including other dashboards), and an assortment of configuration tools and other accessories. RSS feeds on your media player dashboard, along with an up-to-date weather report and forecast for your area. Every time that i sit down with one of these i find more things it can do, so this description is in no way all inclusive.

    This thing becomes a monster on either a windows or linux based network, especially when given a gateway (DHCP or static). It is also a complete media center for playing video or audio files from the hard drive, or streaming files to and from your home network. it also has tight security. using this as your computer will also render you invulnerable to any known virus, trojan or worm known to exist, as it bypasses MS code (target #1 for the black coders) by loading it's own bios. to this date, no such malicious software has been reported on the xbox other than the code that comes shipped with it new. the MS code is severely limiting to the potential of this system, but the open source community has stepped up to unleash the power of it. If you're feeling rebellious, there are many linux distributions to choose from that run on the XBOX hardware.

one hour with a well-modified xbox will blow your mind if you're into electronics and you've never seen one. the web browser that i install on these is good, but it's a little difficult to get used to using the XBOX controller for web browsing. you can plug in usb devices (keyboard or mouse) to make it very similar to the web browsers on most computers. the media center software also supports python scripting for system automation, configuring the device, and browsing content on the web. there is also a script to browse, download, and install new scripts from the web; and manage all of your other scripts if you don't want to write your own code. also, there are daily software releases for the XBOX platform(*.XBE and *.py) and most all of it that i have seen is free and/or open source.


what will a modified XBOX not do?

 it will not allow you to cheat on online games.

 it will DISABLE your ability to use XBOX LIVE in some configurations.

 your factory warranty will no longer be valid (if applicable).

 it will never bore you if properly used. it is a powerful computer that just happens to also be good at playing games. by modifying your xbox, you are unlocking the full potential of a computer that has been hidden by a poor excuse of a BIOS.



what not do with your xbox.....

Do NOT use this to copy games illegally. there is nothing wrong with you wanting to safeguard your investment by making a backup copy. there is something wrong with stealing. also, don't ask me how to do anything relating to pirating of copyrighted material. there are plenty of legal uses of this device to keep you entertained for a long time, and i would be more than willing to show you how to use your new custom xbox in a responsible manner.

DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT ILLEGAL MODIFICATIONS. i will not do it, nor will i answer your questions about it. Microsoft made a great piece of hardware, and i will not slap them in the face by infringing on any of their copyrights. I will bypass MS code, but i will not modify it or use modified MS code.


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