Dynatron Digital Services

(402) 699-5840  - mobile

(402) 234-3035  - office

d y n a t r o n @ g m a i l . c o m

on site charge (: $4 south of dodge st., $8 north of dodge st.

hourly labor rate: $25/hr

  if you see any better rates, let me know so i can lower mine.  it is currently about half of the average rates i see.

I)    If you need repair service make sure that any sensitive or private data is backed up, and/or removed from computer prior to any receipt of services.

II)    Computer electronics cannot always be realistically fixed.


III)   Possibly the MOST IMPORTANT for COMPUTER SERVICE is that you have all related materials ready at the time of deployment, and make sure that third party servicing does not void your warranty (when applicable).



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