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Business Solutions

- Large jobs for small business, or small jobs for large business -

Get a new business wired or an existing one re-wired.

CCTV, security, networking, windows & linux services, and much more



Home Computing

-All of your common home PC and networking needs-

Repair, upgrades, custom systems, installations, wireless networks, etc.

At-home service, pickup/delivery, or drop-off.



Game Consoles

- Popular gift items! mods, repairs, and sales -

Console services for XBOX or game PC only.

Blow away the gamers you know with an insane game system.

Impress your friends, or just make them jealous!

Data Backup

- Multiple solutions for storing data on-site, off-site, or both via the web -



+ ''Your Speed'' On Site Computer Education for home, school, or business.

Common applications, everyday use, advanced configuration, etc.

I have extensive knowledge of many areas of computers, electronics, and many digital devices.

Hourly rate applies







Current best sellers:

I RECYCLE USED/BROKEN COMPUTERS. I won't take it all, but you can call to find out what i will take.

Did i mention i recycle computers? starting at 35$ for an internet-ready computer.

Trade your old boring xbox for the most insane entertainment system...ever. - only $100 + your working xbox
This is an upgrade that you have to see to believe! (demonstrations can be arranged). Check out my game section to learn more

Beat your deadlines working on the couch, in bed...   any room within your convenient bubble of secure, wireless networking. Prices affordable, but vary with each situation. call for a free estimate!


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